Louis Vuitton I am hopelessly devote to you at this moment in time and it all kick started with the Fall 17 menswear collection with streetwear classic, Supreme. Kim Jones, the artist director said that the collection was “inspired by the glory days of New York artists in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Here he was describing people like Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Jean- Michel Basquiat, as this was key period for them as as the time everyone would go out and mix in clubs and being a fan of Keith Haring, I can imagine Keith Haring wear garments like the ones Louis Vuitton has created. But Jones also said “it was looking at the uptown- downtown social mix which was so important then…because that’s the thing that seems to be crumbling now.” and I think his way of representing this is by using Louis Vuitton as the uptown as it’s one of the worlds most famous luxury brands and used Supreme as the downtown because it’s streetwear brand and can be looked down at although it is on the high end scale for streetwear. This is also a collection that I have used in my main module for designer research and inspiration on garment design and development.

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Another collection collaboration Louis Vuitton has done if with Jeff Koons for the Masters collection. Before I had a passion for fashion, I had a passion for art and I love it when fashion meets art and I think this will be a very inspiring collection for 3rd year. I like the classic LV accessories with the collaboration of remastered art pieces from artists like Van Gough, Da Vinci and Fragonard. According to Vogue it is the first time in the history of the fashion house that its logo has been re-designed. Another thing that made this collection stand out to me, is the inflatable rabbit (which is what makes his work recognisable) tag on each of the bags, inside is a biography of “the masters” work as well as a portrait, I think this is a really good unique idea as it will teach the Louis Vuitton customers about revolutionary artists.

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