End Of Year Reflection: Part 1

S E M E S T E R   1

To kick to start the first semester of  2nd year, we started with the F.A.D brief throughout summer and into the first half of the semester. For this project I went to see the Missoni exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles museum in London, although I enjoyed this exhibition I felt like i couldn’t really connect to it as I didn’t really know anything about knitwear or have an interest in it. But while doing my own research, I found a collection by Missoni that I liked which was their marble collection. From this I made my own marble samples using polyester satin and marbling inks, to create prints for my garments.

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Although from reflecting on this project I realized how distracted I was due to housing issues and not long after that I was diagnosed with kidney stones which then turned into a serious kidney infection which led into the next project of the semester. Not only did this affect my grades but I also lost my job at the menswear store Baccus. Working for Baccus was an amazing opportunity, where I was their website photographer, I also got chances to do visual merchandising and sat in on a buying meeting with Project Paris X for their F/W collection.

For the second half of the first semester I entered the Levis competition which has been one of my favorite projects to date and my most proudest moments even though I didn’t win it. This is because Levis is a brand that I’ve known and loved for years, I made the project completely reflecting me and my personality by setting the customer profile on myself and developed my drawing/illustration  skills  and focused hard on the construction. I think that my denim jacket is one of my best garments that I’ve ever made as I was constantly perfected every seam I sewed although if I were to do this garment again I would of sewn the sequins on first to the collar and waist band before actually constructing them as this would of hidden my hand stitching. Another small improvement I would of made is to double up on the thread for my contrast top stitching as it would of been thicker and stand out more than it already does. I personally feel like I can work to my full potential when I work with brands I know and styles I am comfortable with, I think I have also learnt to link my inspiration, trends and designs a little bit better then last year.

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Reflecting on my fashion construction support module, I think lost track of the brief through previous stated problems,  but still managed to pull together a half decent technical file and a material final outcome. Although I did fail my material outcome due to not having my designs on illustrator and having a sloppy construction skills in this module. I was disappointed with this grade as last year I got 68% and was hoping to get a 70% or more to complete my goal of getting a first in a module  but it did’t happen in the first semester but I still have the second semester to try and get my grade goal.







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