End Of Year Reflection: Part 2

S E M E S T E R  2

During the semester break I did voluntary work for On/ Off Presents which you can read about it in more detail here. But to quickly round up what happened I set up designers exhibitions, presentations and catwalks, worked in different sized groups, promoted the event in the local area, checked people in at the front door, showed guests around and de-rigged the place after. It was a brilliant experience which I’ve been invited back to and got plenty of contacts who have said to keep an eye out for internships.

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To reflect so far on my main module, the Next kids wear for Paul Dennicci, I’m quiet happy with my process so far. When Tania came in to speak about what she does and to give advice, one piece she gave us was to go outside our comfort zone and try something different as we’d surprise ourselves as to what we could achieve and surprised I was. I decided to go with this brief as kids wear is something I’ve never done but I also stayed with something I’m comfortable with by doing streetwear, I personally think that this worked well for me as I pretended to design for adults but changed the proportions and then thought how can I adjust this to make it more suitable for kids and changed things like the fabrics seams and fastenings. Something I’ve always struggled with is CAD as I’m pretty “old skool” and love a pen and pencil, but this term I have pushed myself with illustrator and photoshop whilst working on my garment designs and portfolio pages. I liked to take my time with CAD and re-do it until it’s “perfect” I found that by coping and pasting reference images helped as I could then trace them if I didn’t know how to do it like zip fastenings, if I get really stuck I would refer back to the illustrator hand books that Becky made for us.

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During the industry  presentation, Tania said that she’s proud I choose this brief because it isn’t something I’d usually go for but liked how I kept the style streetwear which she could clearly see reflecting me in my work. Tania also complimented my work by saying it had a good flow it, almost like a story saying it was clear and easy to follow she also said that my illustrator skills are “brilliant” which has given me more confidence using this design program. One improvement she told me to do was add either my original hand drawn designs or a my final developed design to my fabrication board/s to had more characteristic to it and at the end we spoke about adding a title page to my portfolio which is currently in process.

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Finally to finish this years reflection, I’ve learnt through my textiles support module that I’m truly a textiles girl at heart I’ve loved learning about all the different processes like foiling, puff binder, tie dying and devore to name a few. I have also learnt that I like to work with flat graphic like motifs to create my prints but because of this my printing process is longer as I take time to think about how I will layer the printing processes and the motifs. I haven’t had any major problems during in this module as I take my time to make the recipes that I need and will double check with a tutor or a technician that I am doing it correctly as well as referring back to the recipe book. Although my screen got a tiny bit block on my circle motifs as I was using pearlescent binder and the queue to wash our screens was quiet long but that’s a problem that couldn’t be helped. I also found out that texiflock could be used to print with foil and had a few samples where the foil didn’t print properly but that’s would either because I didn’t use enough glue as the texiflock was difficult to work with as it had started to dry out.

My aim for 3rd year is to have a 1st rough draft of my dissertation done before starting university again as I would then have more time for the studio/ print room modules. If I don’t get a first for any of the modules that I have left for this semester, then it shall be my aim for next year as well as working for an internship. I’m still not sure whether to specialize in Fashion or Textiles but at the moment I plan on doing both. After this degree, I plan to do a masters degree in either fashion or textiles or do another degree in something like interior design as I could use  my textiles skills to create interior furnishes, like wall paper and pillows. I am not yet 100% sure what university I would like to go to but I will have a blog post with my research on it.


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