On|Off Presents…Voluntary Work At London Fashion Week

From the 16th February to the 18th February, I participated in voluntery work for On|Off Presents working as a runner to kick start London Fashion Week. 

I arrived at the OXO Tower Wharf at 9am on Thursday excited to work in a professional environment in a brilliant space which was about to hold some extremely talent people and fashion icons, like Zandra Rhodes. The first day was overwhelming as I was meeting so many other volunteers from universities across the U.K and had to learn the layout of this huge abandon warehouse which was so confusing on the 1st day. Although it was one of the hardest and most tiring days of my life as we had to prepare the space, ready for the Oxfam Celebrity Gala Catwalk which started at 19.00 as well as the designers spaces for their presentations, exhibitions and catwalk on the Friday. This meant working in a number of different teams to bring up the designers collections, props for photo shoots, catwalks and exhibitions. 

When it was show time we would take it in turn to guard unauthorised areas of the building, do street promotions and show the guests to the exhibitions and presentations they wanted to see, I as also got to work on the door checking the invitations and crossing guests names off the lists. It got to 20.30 and we had a VIP launch party hosted by Wavey Garms, the atmosphere was amazing as we danced around making sure the catwalk room was tidy while the guests were enjoying the party in full swing. 

Jack Ivring 

Jack Iviring


Jack Ivring 

Jack Ivring 
Jayne Pierson

Jayne Pierson

Syed Shahid and I 

Syed Shahid 


Leon Lloyd London

Me and my dream team ✨

Me and my dream team ✨

The 18th was the last day were we helped Edeline Lee set up her space whilst, de-rigging the rest of the Wharf. I’m so grateful for this amazing experience and I’m so proud that I worked hard enough for Lee Lapthorne himself to ask me to come back for future events. 


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