Guest Visit From Lee Lapthorne 

Lee Lapthorne, the creator of On|Off visited us on the 22nd November. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t research him but I wish I did. He started the lecture off by telling us about when he studied at Birmingham university and was then asked to do a load of commissioned work once he had graduated. From there he went to directoring fashion shows and said how one of his favourite designers to work with was Robert Cary.

 Throughout the lecture  he was saying names after names of different designers, who most of them I didn’t know and because of this he told us to write them down. From this I learnt that to be on top of your game in the world of fashion, you have to know everyone and everything. So I scribbled away, writing as many names and brands as I could whilst trying to take in everything else Lee was saying. 

 After the lecture we had a tutorial with Lee, which I was both excited and nervous about for some reason. To start with he passed around some samples of his work and spoke about the methods he used and may I say they were incredible. From there we spoke about pricing our own as none of us really had a clue on how to get correct amount. And guess who Lee picked to calculate the costs of fabric, labour, shipping and store add on prices…Yeep me. And boy did I feel underpressure considering maths was not my strong point but then again I was using a calculator so I’m not sure why I was stressing.  But it was a good insight as to what we will hopefully end up selling our items for but he also warned us to be aware that whatever technique we use, it will cost more than we think as we’er so use to having to paying an extremely small fee or not having to pay at all and soon we’ll loose that privilege. 

Towards the end of our tutorial, it came to question time and for once I had the courage to ask one. ” Lee, what would your advise be for someone who is very particular about the things they do in life when it comes to internships?” I asked. He replied with ” honestly take what you can get because it’s still industry work, which means experience. Sure go for your ideal internship but take anything you can get and remember you won’t always get paid when doing one.” 

So Lee, if your some how reading this, thank you for the encouragement and advise you gave to us. I’ll definitely be putting it to good use.


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