Making My Myself A Monster – Lisa Temple Cox 

Guest lecturer, Lisa Temple Cox came in to present one of her university projects “making myself a monster.” Her aim for this project was to explore what we found familiar and unfamiliar, comfortating and discomforting, for her final outcome she wanted to make a self portrait as a teratological specimen and used artists like Gunther Von Hagens and Marc Quinn as case studies. She also visited museums around the world to build more case studies and inspiration. 

I related myself to this lecture, which is why I think I found it so inspiring. In my 2nd year of college I specialised in fashion and textiles and the theme for the 1st project was “Concealed & Revealed” so my theme within that was anatomy, but mainly human anatomy. Like Lisa, I looked at Gunther Von Hagens, Marc Quinn and the classic Leonardo Da Vinci for my artist case studies before looking into fashion designers. 
During my project, I realised that I was getting the same response from my classmates as Lisa did, even though I was not making a life mask of myself. The two main reactions of our classmates was discomfort because of the revealing images and art work of the human body and the question “why would you want to do that” also popped up a lot. 

But I chose to base my project on human anatomy as it interests me, I like to know how our boys works, what lays underneath our skin and why some humans form differently to others. I like things that aren’t considered “normal” and things that people wouldn’t find “familiar”. Throughout this lecture I realised a part of my philosophy and will refer back to this when writing my essay. 


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