Thoughts For The Year 

The exercise for today’s induction class was a task sheet called “thoughts for the year” and helped us to realise things that were successful, a disappointment, out time management skills and other things about ourselves. 

1: What was successful last year? 

2: What were you disappointed with? Here is a small list of things that I personally thought I was successful at and things that I found as a bit of a disappoint. I put my fashion construction file under successful because I put a lot of hard work and pride into the folder and it was marked as 68% which is 2 marks off achieving a 1st which was why I found it as a slight disappoint. And yes to some people I am considered ungraful because of this but now I know how close I am to achieving a 1st and will be aiming to get one this year. 

I put my textiles support module file under successful because I was honestly excepting to fail the module, as during the 2nd second I hit rock bottom due to being extremely ill with tonsillitis and has gotten rather depressed. After squeezing nearly a whole semesters work into 3/4 days I’m happy to say that I passed the textiles support module with a 2:1. Although I found some of my work in this module to be a disappoint because of how I did it in such little time, knowing that if my mental and physical strength was perfectly normal I would of probably gotten a 1st, but I’ll save it for this year. 
I decided that my final outcome of my “Treasure” project was a disappoint because it wasn’t the same as my final outcome illustration. This is because throughout the making of my garment I was encouraged to do some thing to my garment in order to “improve” the shape of it, instead it made the garment to heavy and I had to change the design on the spot in order to have my free hanging panels. But now I know for next time to test the sample and/ or my gut instinct rather than listening to someone else, no matter how much experience they have. 
3: what scares you about this coming year? 

 When I first read the question I thought pffffft nothing but was the group discussion had started I suddenly had a few ideas popping into my head. I listed the essay day as one because I was stressing and worrying about the previous one (even though I passed it by 58%) so much that I can for sure see myself worrying about this one as writing is my strongest point! But with reading more I’m sure I’ll be able to improve. 
I’m also scared well more worried that I won’t be able to balance my time correctly as I now have a part time job at Baccus but if I finish the class work in class and do the right amount of work outside university and use my time wisely then theoretically I should be okay! But this is me we’re talking about. 

Finally I’d say the 3rd biggest thing that scares me about this year is not having the finances to go on important and/ or last minute study trips as student loans don’t last as long as everyone thinks that they do! 
4) How many hours will you have to do to support your learning and how will you manage this?

As I said previously as long as I finish the class work in class and do the correct double amount  of hours of work outside of university there shouldn’t be a problem. 

5) What do you need to do to fulfil this? 

I think setting targets will be a good way of making sure that I on track and referring back to the brief. If for what ever reason I do fall behind, I know that there is an open access class between 1pm-8pm. 

6) How do you use social networking?

I use social networking for meaning different things like, staying in touch with distant family, selfies, personal interests, sharing my art and fashion work and keeping update with with what’s going in the fashion world and normal world. 

7) What makes you different from others? 

Many things of course, we are all individuals even identical twins. It’s things like personality, style and individuals preferences. For examples kisa (class mate) and I but like and want to work for street wear companies or have our own but she’s more into Japan street fashion where as I’m more into London street/ skate fashion. Both are similar but make us two completely different people. 

8) Have you been to GFW and New Designers? If not why? 

Surprisingly as a fashion and textiles student I’ve never been to any of them. More because I’ve only done fashion for 2 years and thought that going to a fashion show was stupidly expensive but it’s not. I’ve never really had the time to go to GFW and didn’t know New Designers was a thing until last year. 

9) Why are you here!  

And they are my thoughts for the year! 


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