M I S S O N I 


 Ballerina- Gino Severini (oil on canvas)

In the 1950’s Severini went into the futurist era and changed the dynamic evolution of figure and the “ballerina” is an example of this. The colours are bright and contrasting and were applied using the pointillism technique, which also gives the painting texture and depth. Because of the new contemporary movement Severini overlapped shapes like triangles, rectangles and semi like circles to create the ballerinas abstract figure. This piece was made near the end of his life and because of this he made the subject about his youth, ” the dancing, dancers and exuberant performers of Parisian life.”
 Rhythme Couleur- Sonia Delaunay

Delaunay inspired Ottavio Missoni and was one of his favourite artists. They say that this “highlights her poetic universe, made up of a unique expressive alphabet as well as forms and colours that recur throughout her oeuvre.”

 Giacomo Balla- Linee Forza Di Mare

Balla was one of the first European artists to produce a non representational geometric composition. He focused mainly overcoming the representational, making colour and lines central to the painting. He was inspired by energetic, dynamic and rarefied dimesion of space, like the waves in this painting.


   I found Missoni’s use of colour and pattern very inspiring and shall put my interpretation of their use of pattern into my sketch book work.


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