Personal Development Plan

This report is an overview of my first year at university and I will be reflecting on my own achievements and things that I think I need to improve on so that I will hopefully be able to achieve my goals. 

When applying for university I had my heart set on the university of Edinburgh to do either fashion or textiles design, until my family said that they weren’t very comfortable with that idea and pointed out that I loved studying both fashion and textiles and suggested on finding a course that did both. And that’s when I found the Colchester Institute and went along to the open day. First impressions are a big thing to me and they way all members of staff there came across to me blow me away, they were all so nice and encouraging. I fell in love with the course it’s self and its layout. I could picture myself in the studios unlike some of the other university’s that I had been looking at. So I made the Institute my first choice. 

Short Term Goals

  • To pass my first year of university.

How To Achieve My Short Term Goals

To achieve my short term goal, I will need to start working a little bit harder by prioriting my university work before seeing my friends. If I get less than 40% on my essay I will re-do my presentation by adding more slides, speaking clearly and calmly and being more confident in order to boost my presentation mark.

Medium Term Goals

  • To keep up to date and improve in contextual studies.
  • To push myself in fashion and textiles both main and support modules and achieve my first ever 1st.
  • And finally to be able to  master photoshop again. 

How To Achieve My Medium Term Goals

In order to accomplish this goal, I will work harder in all lessons and refer back to the module guide for the grade critia to see how I can achieve my first ever 1st. To achieve my other goal I will attend all lectures and write up my response to the lectures that night so I don’t get behind again. To be able to master photoshop again I will try and use it more often and go to the Mac open access sessions.  

Long Term Goals 

  • To graduate university with a half decent grade.
  • Go into the skate and street wear industry whether it’s for another brand or I start my own.

How To Achiever My Long Term Goals 

To achieve this goal I will hopefully be making contacts in my 2nd and 3rd year with companies that I’d like to work with or I will do another degree to get more knowledge and experience for example a part time course on how to start and run your own business. 

Since embarking on this course my future goals haven’t change of anything the course is helping me to work towards them. My ultimate life goal is to have my own skate and street wear brand like Adidas, Supreme Being, Abandon Ship Apparel or maybe even Fred Perry or Dr Martens. 

In summary of this report, I still have the same goals and know what I have to do to hopefully achieve them, organise myself, work hard and don’t fall behind. 



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